Holding Hands With Empathy

Empathetic & Understanding Depression and Anxiety Support

Many people feel anxious and discouraged about local and world events. If you need mental health support during these difficult times, reach out to someone. Centerville Cares offers anxiey and depression support in Centerville, UT. You, your family, and your friends are all invited to sessions in which we come together to provide hope, understanding, and tools that are proven 90% effective in reducing/eliminating depression.  Programs run each spring and fall. Join us to connect to others and let light into your life.

Nedley Course


Support for Depression & Anxiety

You may not realize it, but depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Don't feel like you have to struggle alone. We are grateful to provide a program created by Dr. Nedley,  a prominent physician in mental health treatment and research,  that has been proven 90% successful in reducing/eliminating anxiety and depression, The Nedley Deprssion and Anxiety Recovery Program. Through this comprehensive class, you will learn causes that attribute to mental health crisis, and the keys needed to reduce mental illness. In just eight weeks, you could join the community of thousands throughout the country who have found freedom with anxiety and depression support.

Educate Yourself & Support Others

Even if you're not currently struggling with depression and anxiety, join us to learn how you can optimize brain function for you and your loved ones. There's excellent information for everyone!

Register now for the class starting January 6, 2022

  • Thursdays, January 6 - February 24
  • 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • Centerville City Hall
  • $25 donation on first night of class

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Mental Health Screening for Youth

Mental Health Screening for Youth

Registration for this screening closes November 1st, so don't hesitate to register! This screening is for preschool and elementary age children. It will address social and emotional needs, depression, anxiety, trauma, and safety concerns. 

Everyday Strong

Resilience Presentation

Register at www.dbhutah.org/everyday-strong

Everyday Strong workshops are offered throughout the year. They will help you learn simple ways to help kids in your life to build resilience. Register now for classes offered on November 4 and November 11.